Chavez Inc.’s environmental services are customized based on the individual needs of our client.  Our objectives are to remove, reduce or eradicate microscopic contaminants from surfaces or in the air as indoor pollutants have the potential to degrade, complicate or challenge your health.  Our services are designed to improve your residential or commercial environment, on a microscopic level.  These services may include, but are not limited to, tobacco smoke residue, hoarding, pollen, mold, household dust, dust mites, animal dander, bacteria and viruses, and more.


As homeowners, we do not always associate a clean house with indoor air quality. Yet, most of the indoor air pollution you breathe comes from within your structure. The larger microscopic contaminants are small enough to pass through a standard air filter. These particles will eventually become lodged in the ducting of your HVAC system. As fresh air is brought into the system, these indoor pollutants like pet dander, dust, bacteria and mold mix with the new and become part of the daily air you breathe. We incorporate a “source removal” method, which is the physical removal of contaminants from inside your ducting system. Our certified technicians use an industrial-grade vacuum collector, high volume air compressor, and physical agitation to loosen and remove the pollutants from their source without redistributing them throughout your home.


Bio-recovery services, also known as trauma scenes, can be chaotic, stressful, and sometimes graphic. Property owners, family members, and friends may volunteer to help with the cleanup efforts not realizing the health risks involved. Our bio-recovery service members are discrete as well as professional and are part of our 24-hour emergency response team. Bio-recovery cleaning is technical work requiring trained professionals following strict protocols. Our disinfection process assures the removal, reduction, or eradication of potentially hazardous and infectious microscopic contaminants from within the environment. From the initial inspection through the final decontamination process, you can expect our crews to be precise and thorough.


Micro-cleaning is a targeted approach in reducing the number of microscopic contaminants in your home or business, an essential first step in improving the overall indoor air quality of the living space. These contaminants can be a health concern to all people, but especially young children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. Our micro-cleaning service goes far beyond routine housekeeping. We target potentially troublesome microscopic contaminants like pollens, household dust, animal dander, bacteria, viruses and tobacco smoke residues. Our system removes, reduces, or eradicates the pollutants or contaminants from the indoor environment through the use of HEPA filtration, physical cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Our micro-cleaning can be used in one room or for an entire house or business.


Mold spores are ever-present to both indoor and outdoor environments. They are generally harmless to most people in small numbers, however problems may arise with allergic reactions, suppressed or developing immune systems, and spores that produce mycotoxins. Elevated and extreme numbers of spores, regardless of the species, have the potential to affect all occupants negatively, even those considered healthy. The potential for a mold problem can arise through excess indoor humidity. Events such as a water pipe break or a leak in your roof or plumbing can dampen or saturate building materials. Improper drying or in-action can lead to prolonged excessive moisture, triggering already present mold spores for growth. We offer two options as a means to your solution; mold remediation and mold mitigation. Mold remediation involves removing contaminated building materials. Mold mitigation is much less intrusive and might be an option in more moderate levels of contamination.

Find more information on our resource pages Mold FAQs and Mold and the Indoor Environment .


Through our association with TOMI™ Environmental Solutions and the TSN™ Network, we have added SteraMist™ disinfection to our toolbox of environmental cleaning and decontamination. SteraMist™ Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™) is an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant that gives us the ability to reduce and eliminate pathogenic bacterial and viral loads in residential and commercial settings.

Initially, SteraMist™ was developed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to combat weaponized anthrax. This process is proven and has naturally transitioned into daily disinfection used for hospitals, compounding labs, life sciences and healthcare facilities. SteraMist™ is a powerful technology in fighting the spread of bacteria and viruses and is one of the many tools we utilize for the removal, reduction, and eradication of the contaminants from within your indoor environment.

SteraMist powered by Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) provides fast acting biological kill and inactivation of harmful microorganisms, including those hard to kill MDRO's such as C.diff spores, MRSA, and the inactivation of Norovirus and influenza flu virus. (Please refer to EPA Reg. 90150-2).


Unlike typical water damage, sewage backups or back-flows will introduce harmful microorganisms into the building structure. These microscopic contaminants can be a health concern to all people, especially young children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Any sewer damage, big or small, should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent cross-contamination of bacteria and viruses to other unaffected areas. Due to the hazardous nature, sewage cleaning requires experienced and trained technicians equipped with full protective suits, gloves, and respiratory protection. Sewage backups are unquestionably more complicated than a typical water loss. This water may not have any color or odor, but if the source is a sewer line or wastewater line, it is highly contaminated water. Our teams start and end with a thorough inspection and remediation plan that will restore the wholesomeness of your home or business.


Environmental Cleaning goes beyond cleaning for appearance.  Our dedicated environmental cleaning crews will target the troublesome contaminants to remove, reduce, or eradicate them.  Our staff will customize a remediation plan that will improve your indoor air quality and the hygiene in your indoor environment.  

These services are designed to be integrated to address an overall corrective and improvement plan for the indoor environment.  They may include air duct cleaning, ambient air scrubbing, dehumidification, room surface cleaning, etc.


Through our association with TOMI™ Environmental Solutions and the TSN™ Network, we have added a proven leader in the field of disinfection.  We are able to offer the SteraMist™ disinfection system as a part of our toolbox of environmental cleaning and decontamination services.  

SteraMist™ was developed initially in 2001 to combat weaponized anthrax, and is an EPA registered hospital-grade disinfection system now more commonly used to fight superbugs like Clostridium difficile (C.diff), methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and other HAI’s.  With this addition, the environmental services branch of Chavez Inc. has expanded in advanced decontamination and environmental control solutions.