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Improving your residential or commercial environment on a microscopic level.

Our mission is to reduce, remove or eradicate microscopic contaminants that pose health risks and affect the quality of indoor environments. We provide personalized environmental services that cater to the unique requirements of our clients.

From tobacco smoke residue to pollen, mold, dust mites, animal dander, etc. Our comprehensive services target a wide range of pollutants, ensuring a microscopic-level improvement in both residential and commercial spaces.

Services We Offer

Elevating Environmental Cleaning

Our environmental cleaning services go beyond typical surface cleaning. We strive to understand your environmental problem and "only then'' begin to customize a remediation plan to fit your needs. Our integrated services include air duct cleaning, ambient air scrubbing, dehumidification, and surface cleaning. We offer a comprehensive plan to improve or correct your indoor environment. We enhance indoor air quality and hygiene by removing, reducing, or eradicating microscopic contaminants.

Air Duct Cleaning

Our certified technicians employ a "source removal" method, physically extracting contaminants from your ducting system using specialized equipment and agitation techniques. This ensures pollutants are effectively removed at their source, without the risk of redistribution throughout your home.

Bio Recovery/Trauma Clean Up

Our discreet and professional bio-recovery service members are part of our 24-hour emergency response team. They undergo rigorous training to follow strict protocols for technical cleaning, ensuring the safe removal, reduction, or eradication of hazardous and infectious microscopic contaminants.

Micro Cleaning

Improve indoor air quality with micro-cleaning, targeting and reducing microscopic contaminants in homes and businesses. Our specialized service tackles pollutants such as pollen, dust, dander, bacteria, viruses, and tobacco smoke residue. Using HEPA filtration, thorough cleaning, and disinfection, we create a healthier environment for all, whether for a room or an entire property.

Mold Remediation/Mitigation

Mold spores exist both indoors and outdoors. Individuals with allergies or compromised immune systems may experience adverse reactions. Excess indoor humidity, often caused by water leaks or plumbing issues, can create an environment for mold growth. We provide two solutions: mold remediation, involving the removal of affected materials, and mold mitigation, a less invasive option suitable for moderate contamination levels.

Steramist™ BIT™ “Superbugs Require Super Solutions”

Through our partnership with TOMI™ Environmental Solutions and the TSN™ Network, we offer SteraMist™ disinfection as part of our comprehensive environmental cleaning and decontamination services. SteraMist™, developed by DARPA, is an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant that effectively reduces and eliminates pathogenic bacteria and viruses in residential and commercial settings. With its proven efficacy in combating weaponized anthrax, SteraMist™ has become a trusted solution for daily disinfection in healthcare facilities, compounding labs, and more. Powered by Binary Ionization Technology (BIT), SteraMist™ provides fast and effective elimination of harmful microorganisms, including challenging MDROs, C.diff spores, MRSA, Norovirus, and influenza flu virus.

Sewage Decontamination

Sewage backups introduce harmful microorganisms into buildings, posing health risks, particularly for vulnerable individuals. Prompt cleaning is crucial to prevent cross-contamination. Our experienced technicians equipped with protective gear and respiratory protection handle sewage cleaning meticulously, starting with a comprehensive inspection and remediation plan to restore the integrity of your home or business.