Carpet Cleaning Topeka, KS & Lawrence, KS Services


Our cleaning services ensure the enduring beauty of your home or business.

Our team of experienced technicians are trained on the latest cleaning equipment and techniques, so you can be confident that your soft textiles and hard flooring surfaces will be cleaned to the highest standards.

Services We Offer

Maintaining your carpets, rugs, and upholstery through regular cleaning can improve the overall appeal of your home, leave a lasting impression on visitors, extend the lifespan of your furnishings, and enhance indoor air quality by reducing airborne dust and soil particles.

Carpet Cleaning Topeka, KS

Our technicians use the latest innovations in cleaning equipment and cleaning chemistry to restore the life and color to your carpet, protecting your investment and extending the life of your carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Topeka, KS

We use multiple cleaning systems, giving us the ability to tailor our service to meet your needs. Our products won’t expose staff or customers to harsh chemicals or unpleasant odors.We are effective, professional, and price competitive.

Area Rug Cleanings

Our certified technicians specialize in treating rugs, utilizing gentle yet effective cleaners and advanced cleaning techniques. Whether your rugs are new or old, made of natural or synthetic fibers, we expertly clean them to ensure they maintain their beautiful appearance for years to come.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Our certified upholstery cleaning technicians revitalize and enhance the longevity of your valuable furniture investments. Using cutting-edge equipment and cleaning techniques, we restore the vibrancy of delicate fabrics, while effectively eliminating dust and allergens.