Proudly Serving Northeast Kansas for over 50 years

The business you know today as Chavez Inc. was founded in Topeka, Kansas in 1967 by Trinidad Chavez.  Trinidad had a modest start in life and was born in a railroad car just outside of Lawrence, Kansas.  Son of the depression era immigrants from Central Mexico, he was the oldest of what would be a family of fourteen kids.  As the oldest child in the family, Trinidad had to leave the secondary school system to find a job and start earning money to help out at home.  He learned at a young age the value of hard work and the importance of doing a job right.  The lessons he learned as a child stayed with him and would define him throughout his adult life.

In the Beginning

As a father of then five kids, Trinidad had to take on multiple side jobs to make ends meet with his own growing family.  As a full-time employee of a local dry cleaner, Trinidad would come in early and stay late with a work ethic that was hard to match.  In the mid ‘60s, his employer added a carpet cleaning service to their existing dry-cleaning business.  A short time later, the owners lost interest in the carpet cleaning line of business and quickly shelved the idea.  With some careful thought, Trinidad saw an opportunity and inquired about renting the equipment from the company to earn additional income after hours.  He began with some trial and error, and endless hours of free “practice” cleanings for family and friends.  Once he had honed his skills, he started his part-time business venture out of his garage with little more than the rented equipment and his American dream.

As the company’s first employees, Trinidad and his wife Rachel have employed many family members throughout the years, including all six of their children at one time or another.  Both Trinidad and Rachel coming from large families, benefited from what seemed like an endless supply of quality employees… also known as their brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

As his customers spread the word, Trinidad established a customer base that recognized the quality of his service, one satisfied customer at a time.  The business initially began as Chavez Carpet Cleaning, reflecting the singular service provided at that time.  By the mid 70’s, as his customers’ needs grew, Trinidad continued to add services to respond to their needs.  The name eventually evolved to Chavez Cleaning Service, which revealed the additional services beyond just carpet cleaning.

The Second Generation

In the early 90’s, as the business continued to grow, Trinidad began to rely on his sons Richard and Dan even more.  With their leadership, they took the company even further into the fire and water restoration industry as they established a dependable 24-hour emergency response service.  With the restoration services becoming dominant through the 90’s, the name changed to Chavez Restoration & Cleaning.

The Third Generation

Today with the guidance of Dan’s daughter and son, Amanda and Nick, the company continues to meet the benchmarks and the standards established by Trinidad.  Now known as Chavez Inc., the company continues to grow and add new services to meet our customer’s needs, focusing on restoration, cleaning and environmental services.  The tenets and vision Trinidad created back in 1967 are still woven into the fabric of our business today.

From the beginning, Trinidad understood the value of education, not only for himself but for how it pertained to and advanced his new business.  Throughout his leadership as owner and manager of Chavez Restoration & Cleaning, he maintained a generous view of training and education for his employees.  Understanding that the better trained his employees were, the better chance they would have for success, both personally and professionally.

Over the years, Trinidad created and instilled a unique culture that has been passed down to present employees at Chavez Inc., one that places a high priority on meeting our customer’s needs along with employee education and hard work.  As a company, we have been fortunate to have employed many good people throughout the years.  All of which took pride in a job well done.  Our present-day staff has embraced traditions of quality work from those that came before them, and they continue to have a deep desire to deliver a quality product for our customers.

Chavez Inc. has been a leader and advocate in NE Kansas for cleaning and restoration since its inception.  Over the last 50+ years, Chavez Inc. has introduced many new industry concepts to the NE Kansas marketplace.  They began with innovations like steam carpet cleaning, truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems, restorative on-site drying, hardwood floor drying, Oriental rug cleaning, ozone deodorizing, complete structural drying, and environmental services.

We realize that our company philosophy of meeting our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations alone are just words.  It is only with our daily practice that we achieve these goals for our company.

First generation Chavez Family outside of business
Chavez Restoration and Cleaning Historic Building
Three generations of Chavez Outside Chavez Restoration and Cleaning